Providing World-Class Air Conditioners on Hire.

Experience top-tier air conditioning solutions for any event with Sai Aircon. Our extensive range of world-class air conditioners ensures optimal comfort, reliability, and efficiency for your gatherings, ensuring a cool and pleasant environment for all attendees.

What we do ?

At Sai Aircon, we specialize in providing exceptional air conditioning services for a wide range of events. From corporate gatherings to weddings, concerts, and more, we deliver reliable cooling solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a comfortable atmosphere for all.

Corporate Events

Ensure success with our premium cooling. Our efficient systems enhance productivity, leaving a lasting impression.

Public Meetings

Keep your audience cool and engaged with reliable air conditioning from Sai Aircon, ensuring focus and comfort.


Stand out with Sai Aircon's efficient cooling solutions, ensuring a memorable experience for exhibitors and attendees.


Celebrate comfortably with Sai Aircon's reliable cooling, allowing graduates and guests to enjoy fully.

Religious Programmes

Create serenity with our efficient cooling, enhancing the spiritual experience for all.

Reality Shows

Enhance production value with Sai Aircon's reliable cooling, ensuring comfort for contestants and audiences.

Sports programmes

Our efficient cooling solutions keep athletes and spectators cool and comfortable.

Wedding Receptions

Create the perfect ambience with our excellent cooling, ensuring a memorable celebration for all.

TV Serials

Elevate production quality with our efficient cooling, ensuring comfort for cast and crew.

Live Concerts

Ensure success with our efficient cooling, maintaining comfort for performers and audiences.

Film Shootings

Create a comfortable filming environment with Sai Aircon's reliable cooling solutions, ensuring optimal conditions.

Fashion Shows

Make a statement with our premium cooling, enhancing the experience for models and attendees.

Our Strength

Our commitment to excellence, dependability, and client satisfaction is what gives us our strength. With a skilled team and cutting-edge technology, we deliver superior air conditioning solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring optimal comfort for all.

25+ years of experience
Can execute any order within 60 hours
always focused on quality
Accessible to Customer 24*7

Our Legacy

With years of experience and a proven track record of success, we have established a legacy of excellence in the air conditioning industry. Trust us to deliver reliable cooling solutions for any event, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.
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We are trusted by 150+ brands & organizations

Sai Aircon is proud to be the trusted choice of over 150 brands and organizations for their air conditioning needs. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction has earned us the trust of leading names across various industries.

Here What They Say

Our satisfied clients rave about our exceptional air conditioning services. With reliable solutions tailored to their needs, we’ve earned praise for our professionalism, efficiency, and dedication to customer satisfaction.

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